Thursday, March 8, 2007

Are we there yet?

Paper burns at 451 Fahrenheit, leaving smoke and fragile ash. So fireman Guy Montag plies his book burning responsibilities with the full consent of a dystopia society. A society of surround room TVs, news radios plugged directly into the ear, a focus on technology rather than nature, personal relationships usurped by “devices,” group suppression of critical thought and pleasurable distractions for the masses. Fast forward to HDTV, 24/7 streaming news, cell phones, wireless technology a la Bluetooth headsets connected to personal computers providing constant connectivity and access. A time when parallel living is offered up through cyberspace, computer games are available for all tastes and ages, and “sports” are played in the comfort of a living room. Acceptance by the masses of governments and religions that hawk misinformation, thinly disguised tyranny, rabid intolerance and censorship. Occasionally a misfit cries out through the smoke remembering… something. Ah, Ray, did you mean us? Are we there yet?
NH 3/07

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